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~ Friday, August 19 ~

Hilarious as ever!! This is what PlanaForma did to them.


Hilarious as ever!! This is what PlanaForma did to them.

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~ Saturday, July 30 ~

Fangirl mission completed

Ohhaiithurr!! :”> Missed me? LMAO. :)) Sorry for not updating this blog anymore.I’m a busy bee! School works here, there and everywhere! But from now on I’ll be posting more… Well, I’ll try :P ANYWAY, I have A LOT of stories to share! So here it goes…

First, I just hate how other people who keep on bashing our NT. It’s like they’re world-champion footballers, Well, THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT FOOTBALL. When is a player called for an offside? Ask them, they’ll just stare at you. Anyway, Everyone in our batch knows that I support and I’m a fangirl of the NT. During our break yesterday, everyone was telling me "Wala. Loser naman eh. Talo di lang man nakapasok. Kuwait na nga lang eh." To which I would reply "So? They’re only starting. Ikaw kaya maglaro? Siguro naging bola ka na at ikaw ang nasipa sipa. Di naman expected na makapasok sila eh, Aminado sila dun. Inggit ka lang." Then others would say "Uy, talo ah" and I’d reply “Duh! Sa tingin mo di ko alam? I don’t care, I still love them for their perseverance.” I got really pissed off that I said "Susunod pang magsabi sakin na natalo Azkals, susuntukin ko na." out loud. And thank God, everyone cooperated. Yes, When it comes to our NT. I get really manly and brutal. HAHAHA.

Second, this has something to do with the first, It’s abt the “own goal” of the Azkals. Everyone is blaming Ray Jonnson. He was stupid daw and bla bla bla. WELL, SHUT UP. Do you even know what you’re saying? I have to admit it was kind of Neil’s fault but you can’t blame him. He was in a great pressure. RAY ONLY TRIED TO SAVE THE BALL BUT THE BALL WAS UNCONTROLLABLE. It was too fast. And even if he didn’t kick it. It would still be a goal. Sheesh. I even told my friend that she should shut up because Ray was doing his job and he did it quite well.

Third, right after school, My fangirl friend and I went to Health and Beyond’s meet and greet. AND OMYGOD. I CAN’T EVEN. It started when we were going down the elevator. I immediately saw Misagh Bahadoran. I was like “Omygoood! Si Misagh!!!” We were waiting for him to finish talking so we could approach him. We were about to approach him when he went our way. I immediately approached him and he was really really REALLY nice. When we asked for his autograph, he was the one who thanked us. As in a lot of times he kept repeating “Thank You!” And I told him “No, thank you! Seriously. Great job!” and he smiled. THAT SMILE THAT TOTALLY MELTED MY HEART. :”> After, we saw Rob, he needed to go to the Wash room (Hahahaha.) but fans stopped him. I apologized that we were stalling him but he said it was okay and gladly took pictures with us. Manny Ott was behind him so we talked to him and TRUST ME, HE HAS SUCH AN ADORABLE ACCENT.  When Rob went back I got the chance to have a little talk with him about his wife. Man, he’s the most loving husbang ever. I can see it from the way he talked about his wife, He really loves her, and omygod, his wife is really lucky! Plus he kept on smiling so bam!

Next we went to Health and Beyond na, Nate Burkey approached the fans outside and my friend has a HUGE crush on him. So when he was walking towards the fans my friend extended her arm with a notebook WHICH GOT NATE’S ATTENTION and he didn’t let his eyes off her. As in she had a five second staring contest with Nate. WHAT IS LUCKY? So, after It was my turn but I was a bit far away so i gave her my notebook. Nate was entertaining her first, as in. Even when we asked for picture taking, he would immediately turn to my friend. Gaaah! Then he stood beside us where the fans got crazy. HAHAHA!! Then, a group of girls behind us shouted “Anton! Anton” and Anton was shocked and everyone looked at him. :)) So he approached and we were the ones in front so dibs! Hahaha, I asked for a picture he kept on smiling talking, laughing. But I immediately said goodbye to give room for the other fans. He was so cute when he told me “Bye bye! Bye bye!” as in he kept on reeating it. Hahaha, Oh Anton. Since we got out of the crowd, we decided to eat na. But bam! Simon was signing autographs 15 meters away. So I dragged my friend there :)) Guess what? SIMON TOTALLY REMEMBERED US. Their conversation went on like this:

Her: Hey, Si! Do you remember this uniform?

Him: I think so, you look famillar too.

Her: We were the girls who approached you in Glorietta

Him: Hmm. OHH!! YOU AGAIN! Hahahaha! Yeah. (then he signaled me to come over. :”>)

So our conversation went on like this:

Me: Heey. How are you, Si?

Si: I’m good. How are you?

Me: I’m doing good too.

Si: Okay ( I thought the okay was for me so I just got out of the crowd)

Then guess what? I saw Simon looking for me then he called me and apologized. He then said something which I didn’t heard but just agreed. :)) Anyway, he ask if he could borrow my notebook. so it would be easier for him. So I just stood there helping him balance the notebook and shempre. Chumachancing din. =)))) I asked him to hold a fansign saying “I love you Gilliane” For my friend, then he read it and laughed but agreed to take the picture anyway. Then I totally forgot to have a solo pic with him but my friend reminded me. So we went back and he made us his priority. A lot of fans were asking for his autograph and a picture with him but guess what? He immediately posed with me infront of the camera. This is why Simon I am loving Simon so so so much right now. Hnggg. :”> Lastly, we were eating na when we saw Jason Sabio. We immediately grabbed our bags and zoomed to Jason’s direction. We weren’t really able to talk to him because he was talking to some people but I noticed no one really noticed him. It’s sad. He’s such a great player pa naman.

Oh, and for the fourth story or whatever. I met a fellow fan girl during the meet and greet. She was really nice but i forgot to ask her name. I ENVY HER BECAUSE SHE WAS INVITED TO COME IN OUT OF THE BLUE. She was shocked nga kasi she was pushed daw towards Misagh then the guy in-charge of everything invited her in and she was able to meet the Azkals, talk to them and take pictures with then. LUCKY, RIGHT? While she was telling me her story we were both like

It’s nice meeting fellow fangirls. :) I just get that awesome feeling. :) Hahahaha.

— If you have a fangirl story or concern, feel free to tell us, okay? :) Oh, and Iwill be more often and currently online on our Yahoo! Pingbox so feel free to talk to me. :) Also, I want to meet some of you in person so message me your numbers and we’ll set a meet-up! Thanksssss! Sorry it’s so long. :P

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~ Thursday, April 28 ~

@Azkalsfacts: Jason Sabio has a birth mark on his right but cheek

— HAHAHAHA!! Isn’t it that a Filipino belief is when a person has a bitrh mark on his or her butt, It is said that he/she is cursed and very unlucky. Lol. :))

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